Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing begins with an initial assessment of your requirements and what you hope to gain, alongside discussing your medical history and any emotional issues/traumas/life events that you may feel are relevant.

Your Healing Treatment will unique to you, tailored to your specific needs each time and will generally consist of Consultation, 1 hour Healing and feedback/discussion and advice (approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours). Past life memories and energy retrieval/release may be part of the process to help release sub-conscious patterns and gain deeper self-awareness, to help you move forward more productively. Again, everyone is unique so each session will be as individual as you are.

A Personal Action Plan is discussed, giving suggestions to further aid your Healing/growth and aftercare advice is given, along with awareness of possible Healing reactions.

Subsequent sessions may involve more in-depth Healing or general re-energising/re-balancing, again depending on your individual needs.

On-going support is given, you can contact me at any time to discuss any queries/concerns you may have following or in-between sessions; offering you peace of mind and continuity of care.

Reiki Healing and Counselling

Reiki Healing combined with Counselling can be an extremely powerful and effective combination; promoting healing on all levels for lasting well-being and harmony.

Counselling can be given before or during Healing Treatments, again depending on you.

Being a fully qualified and experienced Person-Centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist, you will have peace of mind of an ethical, professional and complete holistic therapy service.


Chakra Re-Balancing/Re-Energising

Re-Balancing/Re-Energising Chakras/and Meridians can revitalise, restore balance and bring feelings of inner peace to mind, body and soul.

This simple, yet effective technique, can be given to those who are not looking for in-depth Healing, as a way of quickly restoring balance or as a shorter Healing Session in-between deeper Healing Treatments.

Re-aligning the body’s energies quickly and effectively restores physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance; thus aiding well-being and health.


Reiki Crystal Healing

Reiki Healing using natural Crystals can be a profound Healing experience.

Through Dowsing and guidance, particular Crystals will be selected for your Healing Treatment and used within the Reiki Healing session.

Reiki cleansed and charged Crystals may also be recommended to further aid your Healing and development, each one being an excellent quality, hand selected piece.

Incorporating the wonderful natural Healing properties of beautiful Crystals within a Healing treatment can empower Healing.


Reiki Crystal Healing with ‘Aura Clearing Spray and Gemwater Elixir’

In addition to Reiki Crystal Healing, your session includes using an aura clearing spray and ‘Gemwater Elixir.’

I incorporate an aura clearing spray made from spring water and Rosemary, infused with energy signatures of Herkimer Diamond, Smoky Quartz and Tibetan Black Quartz; to help clear and balance the crystals, room and auras.

To complete your session, you will be offered a ‘Gemwater Elixir’ to further enhance your well-being.

Crystal and gemstone elixirs help raise our vibration and can help restore optimal health. The use of gems and crystals to vitalize water is an age-old tradition, practiced by ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Celts, Romans and Indians to name but a few.

I use water from a beautiful decanter and gemstone vial which is infused with the properties of the crystals; making a smooth and harmonious elixir, with the vitality of pure spring water and the healing properties of crystals.

I have chosen the ‘Wellness Blend’, which incorporates Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz – a beautiful blend for mind, body and soul.  This well-balanced composition has been used to inspirit water for hundreds of years.

Amethyst can stimulate and soothe the mind, help relieve anxiety, tension, insomnia, headaches, depression, grief, addictions and aid spirituality. It can also help strengthen the immune system and the body to detox.

Rose Quartz can promote love, calmness, peace, balance emotions and help relieve stress and anxiety. It can also be used for healing heart problems and fertility.

Clear Quartz can help bring clarity, focus, improve concentration, purify negativity and amplify energy. It can also help clear toxins, improve digestion and the skin.

Together these Crystals can promote many benefits physically, emotionally and spirituality; a perfect addition to further restore well-being in your relaxing Healing session.

Incorporating Reiki with Crystals, aura clearing spray and ‘Gemwater Elixir’ offers a totally relaxing healing experience to promote well-being and vitality.

‘Gemwater is the true elixir of life’


Energetic Clearing/Re-Balancing

Energetic Clearing can help remove dis-harmonious energies to aid balance and restore optimal well-being.

All of us an encounter energies from people and places that can have a negative effect on our energy system, contributing to a wide range of symptoms, making us feel out of balance and not ourselves,

Clearing and Re-Balancing these energies, safely restores homeostasis to the body and promotes well-being and harmony.

Past life memories and energy retrieval/release may be part of the process to help release sub-conscious patterns and gain deeper self-awareness, to help you move forward more productively. Again, everyone is unique so each session will be as individual as you are.


Distant Healing

Reiki works energetically, time and space is not relevant, so Distant Healing is as effective as a ‘present/hands-on treatment’.

Sometimes being present with the Practitioner is not always possible, for example; due to chronic illness, being in Hospital or simply being too far away. Distant Healing offers the opportunity to receive Healing, wherever you are in the world!

It can also be an effective method for Healing on Children, Pets and in chronic/traumatic circumstances.

Following initial telephone consultation, a time is agreed for the Healing, followed by telephone feedback and advice. Payment can be made via PayPal.

This method of Healing is as effective as a ‘hands-on treatment’.